Native American

 Native American Line
Earrings and Pendants;
High-polish Fine Pewter Jeweltone

*ATTENTION: The USA Distributors of this Line
                                     disappeared* from one-day-to-another in 2016.

Do you know what happened? Do you recognize this unique jewelry line?
It was in the Rocky Mountain airports, National Parks, Trading Posts from 1998 – 2106.

DO you know what happened to the distributors
who seem to have disappeared from the face of the earth?

Meanwhile, we want to put this great-selling line out there again.

We do NOT know what went in it’s place,
this jewelry has sold strong & steadily
in the Rocky Mountain tourist venue year-after-year.

If you recognize this jewelry, please, let me know!
because our production shop has the original models
and the original molds and production molds for this line.

The creators and the makers of this unique jewelry
made the models (wax casted in .925 silver)
and the black rubber model and production molds.

At this time, on behalf of the artisan producers,
a craftswoman’s cooperative in Guerrero Mexico;
we are about to establish a new distribution for this line.

First thing though, is we want to find out what happened
when the distributors disappeared, was our product copied?
or was it replaced by some other jewelry in the retail venues?

High-polish Fine Pewter
Native American line. Inexpensive.
very well-made with a quality feel.